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Discover Shared Ownership

Our homes for shared ownership are built with the same care and attention to detail as our homes for private sale. With shared ownership, you buy a share in your home and pay a reduced rent to Hastoe Housing Group on the share you don’t own. Your share in some instances may be as little as 10%, or as much as 75% initially. The minimum share you can buy depends on your household income and savings.

It’s a scheme to help first time buyers, existing shared owners who want to move, or people returning to the property market, who can’t afford to buy a home outright. This may be because they can’t secure the full mortgage repayments, save a deposit, or both.

Please click here to download our Guide to Shared Ownership.

Rural exception

Some of our homes in rural areas come under the banner of ‘rural exception’. This means that a buyer can’t own 100% of the property and will only ever be able to purchase a share between 10% and a maximum of 80%, so it remains affordable in perpetuity for local people. If you’re interested in buying one of our shared ownership properties in a rural area, it is likely that you’ll need to prove a local connection to the parish or surrounding area.

Generally, a local connection means you:

  • Are currently a resident in the parish
  • Were a resident in the parish but were forced to move away because of a lack of affordable
    housing in the area
  • Have close family who live in the parish (mother, father, son, daughter, brother and sister)
  • Have permanent and full-time employment in the parish.

A close connection to a neighbouring parish may also make you eligible. We will ask the parish council to verify the local connection information you provide.

Shared Equity

Shared Equity works in a similar way to shared ownership but is aimed at people who have a low or non-existent deposit.

You take out a loan which forms part of the deposit for the property you wish to buy, and then take out a shared equity mortgage to cover the remaining property value.

Your home is not shared with anyone else.


Staircasing enables you to potentially buy more shares in your home until you own the full 100%. The more shares you buy, the less rent you’ll have to pay, and if you own your home outright, you won’t have to pay any further rent to us at all. Some of our rural developments have restricted staircasing to ensure the property remains affordable for future generations of local people.

The percentage share you can buy will be outlined in your lease, but please contact the Sales team to check your individual staircasing options. If you’re unsure about staircasing, we can recommend an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) who will carry out a quick affordability check and help you decide whether it’s financially the right time for you to staircase. Or, you can choose your own IFA if you want to.

Shared Ownership


Anyone who cannot purchase a home on the current open market can apply for shared ownership. If your household income is less than £80,000 and you can afford the cost of a mortgage and rent based on this, then you may qualify.

Other criteria include:


  • You must not have a legal interest in any other property or land, in the UK or abroad
  • You must be able to obtain a mortgage from a high street, or other reputable, lender
  • You must have a cash deposit of between 5-10% of the value of your share
  • You must have approximately £4,000 of savings to cover additional costs.


Priority for a shared ownership home is given to Ministry of Defence personnel, but if no households of this type wish to buy the property, it will be made available to all other applicants who meet the buying criteria.


This calculator is for illustration purposes only and may vary according to your personal circumstances and your mortgage provider. Hastoe Sales will agree the price of your home based on an affordability assessment carried out by one of our financial advisors and an offer will be made by Hastoe Sales based on the maximum share you can afford. You should seek independent financial advice as to the actual costs of your mortgage. Hastoe Sales can provide you with a list of IFAs who are experienced in shared ownership.

*The rent payments per month are based on a typical annual rate of 2.75%

How to Apply

We want to make buying your home as easy as possible. Call us on 0800 783 3097  during office hours or email us at anytime about a particular property you’re interested in.

You can also complete our general enquiry form here.


How to apply

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