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The following guide is to help those who currenty living within a Hastoe shared ownership home and are now looking to sell and move on.

Your Shared Ownership home, which you purchased from Hastoe, must be sold through us in the first instance. You can choose to sell your share at any time.  Your shared ownership lease gives us an 8 week nomination period to find a buyer for your share.
We will do our very best to find you a buyer quickly by contacting everyone who is registered for shared ownership with the Help to Buy agent as well as marketing your property on both our website and online property website, Zoopla. There is an eight week nomination period, so we can assist other first time buyers to buy a home through shared ownership. During this period you are unable to instruct an estate agent.
When selling your share, you’ll need a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) valuation. The valuation will confirm how much your home is worth, including any improvements you’ve made, and will determine the value of your share.
Initial enquiry
Before starting the selling process, we like to provide you with as much information regarding the current market and values in your local area. Therefore, under your instruction, we will run a desktop valuation. This service is free of charge and will help you make an informed decision whether to proceed.  
To request a desktop valuation, please email with your full name and property address.
This will not give you an exact value, but will give you an indication of demand and whether the average property prices have generally increased or decreased recently.
Please note that the information provided by the desktop valuation should only be used to help you decide whether you would like to go ahead with a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation and are by no means a guarantee of value.
RICS Valuation
If you wish to proceed we will instruct a RICS valuation. You will need to email us to confirm which surveyor you wish to use from the panel provided and your best contact number. We will then ensure the surveyor is available before we arrange for you to make payment via the Hastoe Hub.  If you would like to employ your own surveyor you are welcome to do so however they must be RICS certified.
Hastoe will pass your details onto your chosen surveyor, who in turn, will contact you directly to arrange a suitable date to value your property.
Once the valuation visit has taken place, Hastoe will receive a valuation report stating the current market value of your property within 5 -7 working days of your appointment. We will then forward you a copy of the report. The valuation figure is not negotiable and is valid for of three months, after which time a new valuation will be required. The validity period refers to the property going under offer, not the sale completing.
If you are unhappy with the surveyor’s valuation, you will need to evidence the value is incorrect by providing three comparable properties, and their sold prices, within the last three months.
Whilst your valuation is taking place and the report is being compiled, we will provide you with our property checklist document that we need you to complete in order to market your property. If you are certain that you wish to sell and are able to provide this information to us prior to receiving the valuation, we will endeavour to prepare you marketing so we can launch within 48 hours of receiving your report.  
Why can’t I use an estate agent valuation?
An estate agent valuation cannot be used to market your property. This is because estate agents are looking for you to employ them to sell your home and therefore are unable to provide you with an independent valuation as they have a vested interest in your business. The value they quote may be inflated as they will usually take into account offers of 10-15% less the asking price. Under the terms of your lease, we are unable to take offers on your share as the property must be sold based upon its full market value.  
Home Improvements
When you sell your home, the surveyor will not value home improvements separately. You will sell the share you currently own, which will be a percentage of the full market value including any improvements you have made. Therefore, if you own a 30% share you will receive 30% of the full market value at the time of sale from your buyer. Please note, the value of your home may not have increased by the full cost of any improvements made
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
EPCs were introduced to help promote the improvement of energy efficiency and are required by law. It’s a legal requirement to have a valid EPC when you sell your property. If your property is less than 10 years old you may already have a current EPC. You can check this online at
If you do not have a valid EPC it is your responsibility to obtain the certificate.
For more information or to find a Domestic Energy Assessor, please visit Please make sure you forward your EPC to us once issued.
Once you have received the valuation report and obtained an EPC, please email us confirming you wish to go ahead with the sale of your property and provide us with your completed property checklist if you have not already done so. We will aim to launch your marketing material within 3-4 working days if you have not previously provided us with your property checklist.   
In order to market your property, you will need to complete a property checklist and supply Hastoe with photographs of your property.
Tips of preparing your property for marketing:
  • When completing the property checklist, ensure you state any key selling points e.g. location, private parking, garden
  • When taking photos:
    • Take all photos landscape
    • Open curtains & blinds
    • Turn on lights & turn off the TV
    • Focus on interesting details like the condition of a wood floor or a fireplace.
    • Remove rubbish & ensure cupboards, wardrobes & toilet lids are closed.
    • De-clutter
    • Emphasise space by trying to catch as much of the room size as possible.
    • Tidy any garden areas e.g. mow lawns etc.
    • Remove evidence of pets.
    • Tidy children's toys.
If you would like to enhance your marketing by having floor plans or professional photos taken please inform the sales team, prices start from just £65 +VAT.
We will advertise your home on a number of websites including Zoopla, the local Help to Buy agents website and Hastoe’s own website. We will also send the details to everyone who is already approved for shared ownership with the Help to Buy agent in your area.
We allow one week after launching the marketing for everyone who is interested to apply. We will then assess all the applications we have received and offer the highest scoring applicant/s a viewing. If we have not found a suitable buyer within this first week we’ll market your property on first come first served basis.
Nomination Period
Hastoe’s ‘nomination period’ (stated in your lease) will start on the day that we receive confirmation to proceed with the sale of your property, provided we have all the necessary information (EPC, property checklist and photos)
Restricted properties- what does this mean?
Your property may be what is called a ‘restricted property’, meaning there are certain criteria the potential buyers must meet, examples of these include: 
  • Currently resident in the Parish/Village
  • A previous resident in the Parish/Village but were forced to move away because of lack of affordable housing
  • Have close family who live in the parish/village (mother, father etc)
  • Have permanent, full time employment in the parish/village
Depending on the agreement with the local authority, we may be able to cascade as far as the District after a set amount of time if we are unable to find a buyer within the immediate Parish/Village.
Restricted properties are generally capped at 80% staircasing to enable us to ensure the property is always sold to local people.
If you are unsure if your home is classed as a ‘restricted property’, please ask a member of the sales team to clarify this for you.
Potential buyers- within nomination period
Under the terms of your lease, Hastoe has a nomination period from receipt of your confirmation letter to nominate possible purchasers for your house.
When we receive an application from a potential buyer, we will assess them to ensure they are eligible and can afford your property. If they pass our assessments, we will contact you with their information and details to arrange a viewing.  
If we are over subscribed for you property we will use an allocation process to ensure the property goes to those with the strongest local connection (if applicable) and with the highest housing need. If they decide not to proceed after viewing we will offer a viewing to the second highest applicant and so on.
If the viewing is successful, and the prospective buyer wishes to proceed, they must inform Hastoe straight away so we can make a formal offer. We will, however, carry on marketing your property and receiving application forms until their mortgage approval has been received and signed off. This is to ensure that if the sale falls through, we will hopefully have a ‘waiting list’ of interested buyers that we can contact immediately.
If one of Hastoe’s nominees buys your house, we charge an administration fee detailed in your lease. This will be less than you would pay an estate agent.  
Potential buyers- after nomination period
Once Hastoe’s nomination period expires (usually after 8 weeks) with no successful applicants, you are free to advertise your property on the open market, through whichever means you see fit. We will still carry on marketing your property, but it means you can also advertise through third parties, for example estate agents or newspapers. Any additional marketing you start will need to be funded by you.
The property must be marketed at the RICS valuation. If you find a potential buyer, we will still need to approve them and they will be asked to complete our online application form to allow us to complete relevant eligibility checks.
It is essential that you ensure any estate agents or third party marketing tools are aware that your property is a shared ownership property and carries certain restrictions. We recommend that you pass our contact details onto the estate agent you employ so we can run through the shared ownership criteria.

Property Under Offer
Congratulations! You’re now on your way to selling your home. This is usually the point where you will be able to have offers accepted on an onward property.

Once a suitable buyer has been found, you and the purchaser/s will need to appoint a solicitor to process the sale. Please refer to our panel of solicitors who have extensive knowledge of shared ownership sales; however you do not have to use one of these. You will need to let us know your solicitor details so we can send them the sales pack for your property.
When you sell your shared ownership home, you are dealing directly with your buyer and their solicitor. The buyer is purchasing the share you own and Hastoe are retaining their interest in the property. Your solicitor will handle the legal work required to sell your lease.
The solicitors will raise any questions and management enquiries about the property with Hastoe, as well as prepare the final sale documents.

Sales Pack
Once you have formally instructed your solicitors, please provide us with their details, including their email address, so we can provide them with the sales pack for your property. The sale pack will usually include:
  • Memorandum Of Sale (if we found buyer)
  • Your lease
  • 3 years of rent & service charge statements
  • NHBC or equivalent (if applicable and available)*
  • Buildings insurance police
  • EPC
*If we do not hold an electronic copy of your NHBC certification, you will have to obtain a copy from NHBC directly. If you purchased your property as a new build, the original NHBC certificate would have been provided by Hastoe to your solicitor in the original purchase as they needed this to enable them to complete the sale.  
Exchanging Contracts
We usually anticipate that exchange will take place within 12 weeks of contracts being issued but this can be longer or shorter depending on how quickly the solicitors handle the transaction, how quickly the buyer’s mortgage is issued and whether you are making an onward purchase.
The exchanging and signing of contracts will be conducted through your solicitors. You will then be given a date for completion which is when you will need to vacate the property and hand over the keys.

Completion and the handing over of keys will take place on the date agreed with the buyer.  This is the point when all fees are paid to us, the solicitors and lenders. After completion has taken place, please remember to cancel any direct debits or rent payments. We also recommend that you take your meters readings when you leave.
Hastoe are not involved with handing over the keys, this is for you to arrange with your buyer directly. Most seller’s meet their buyer at the property once they have received confirmation of completion. If this is not feasible you can ask your solicitor to send the keys out on your behalf.
If you have paid a full month’s rent we will issue you a refund via cheque that will be sent to your new address.

Potential fees and charges
Before sale completes:
Valuation fees £180+
EPC if applicable around £75

After sale completes:
Hastoe sellers fee 0.25%* of property value or £50
*fees may vary depending on the terms of your lease
Sales pack admin charge £50
Solicitor fees £1,000 -£1,300
Estate agent fees (if used for additional marketing) Approximately 1.75% of the property value

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